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selection of wire harness materials


the quality of harness material will directly affect the quality of wire harness, and the selection of wiring harness will affect the service life of the harness. therefore, when choosing the harness, it must not be cheap in the price, and sometimes the cheap wire harness products may be used as the inferior wire harness material. the following wiring harness manufacturer will teach you how to choose wiring harness materials.

generally, the wiring harness is made up of an insulation sheath, a binding material, a wire and a connection terminal. so, only to know the material, it can easily distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the harness.

1. selection of insulating sheath material

the material of the sheath is usually of the following kinds: abs, pa6, pbt, pa66 and pp. in the design of the plug-in, we can choose different materials according to different needs, and can also add reinforced materials to the plastic according to the actual conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancement.

2. selection of material for wrapping

wire bundle wrapping can play the role of flame retardant, prevent interference, wear resistance, reduce noise, corrosion and beautify the appearance. in general, the suitable coating material can be selected according to the specific environment of the work and the size of the space.

3, the selection of wire harness wire

this is based on the different environment used to select the corresponding conductor material.

4. terminal terminal

the main material of the terminal is copper, with two kinds of bronze and brass (the hardness of bronze is a little higher than that of brass), in which the proportion of brass is more. in addition, different coatings should be selected according to different requirements.


1. oem service is acceptable.

2. you can appoint us to use materials as your requirement : such as jst, molex and amp etc which enjoys high reputations.

3. smallorders on variety are acceptable.

4. please don’t hesitate to contact us for professional drawings and quotation based on your requirement.

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