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how to check the wire harness failure


in general, the on-line beam processing manufacturers have special wiring harness detection equipment to check the wire harness fault. it can detect the wrong path of the line beam and the open path, generally called the wire harness loop detector.

1, the wiring harness is burned, this situation is usually sudden, and the speed of combustion is faster, in these burned lines, generally there is no insurance device. the wiring harness usually has a certain rule: where in the circuit of the power system, where to put iron, where the wiring harness will be burned, the wire in the place where it is burned and perfect, is the wire of this place; if the wiring harness is burned to an electrical wiring part, that means this a fault occurred in an electrical equipment.

2, the wiring harness was squeezed and impacted by the outside, causing the insulation layer in the wire bundle to be damaged, causing a short circuit between the wires, making some electrical equipment out of control, and fuse the fuse. if the line is in bad contact, then most of the faults occur in the connector. when the fault occurs, the electrical equipment will not work properly. when judging, the electric power supply, pull or touch the electrical equipment related connector, when encountered a connector, the electrical equipment can work suddenly, and suddenly can not work, that means that the connector has a failure.


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