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how to prolong the life of the car harness?


if you want to improve the service life of the wiring harness, you can choose to improve it. in the use of materials, the need is the sheath glue and the insulating adhesive, in which the wire core insulating adhesive must be on the original basis, increasing the resistance to tear and wear resistance, and increasing the strength, so that the elongation and the possibility of deformation can be reduced.

in terms of structure, the direction of the car harness processing is almost the same. in the outside, the polyester film must be wrapped around it. this can improve the insulation performance, prevent the copper wire oxidation. in the control of the insulated wire core, the high strength cloth is wound around the core, the small sheath is packed outside the cable core, and the pitch between the power line core 2 and the control wire core is smaller. where there is no filling and no core, the structure is relatively strong and compact.

if we need to do the experiment, we need to use the bending test machine in the simulation of the underground coal mining equipment to make the cable. this can simulate the modern working face, which can ensure its normal operation. the main thing is to use the mechanical direction exchange, the motor rotation is fixed, and the electric control is reduced frequently. the damage of the motive force prolongs the service life of the motor. ferguson suggests that the mechanical part can simulate the work site now, and the bending radius is within a certain range. it is necessary to test the performance of the car harness through a simulated test and automatically record the times of bending. it can detect the line core of the car harness and the control of the short circuit and circuit breaker. these two cases occur. it will alarm when it is used. it is of great reference value to analyze and compare the service life of different automotive wiring harnesses.


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